Your hair is determined by so much more than your genetic make up. Your local climate, air quality, diet, exercise and styling habits. Prose takes all of this and more into account when creating your formula. Prose defines your hair needs through a wide range of characteristics and customizes each formula to suit your individual profile. The result is precision, so you get exactly what you need! Your preferences should matter, that's why with prose you have options. Silicone free, gluten free, vegan and you chose your fragrance. Prose is committed to not using certain contreversial and artificial ingredents such as parabens, mineral oil, dyes, sulfates and GMOs. Prose freshly formulates your products using natural, enviromentally-friendly and active ingredients. 

Formulated in a NYC lab and delivered to you in 5 days. With each formula you will receive detailed instructions on how to use each product. Along with the benefits of every ingredient that was chosen to help you achieve your hair goals!

To create your custom formula follow the link bellow!